Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aboriginal Wood Prints - Kitsch, but Interesting

As I have reported in previous posts, I look out for anything with an Aboriginal theme.

I plan to have wall of paintings, prints etc. like this.

These are very cute small prints, in good condition.

Interesting I checked, that these were made in New Zealand!

Real Estate Posters from the Early 1900s

My Dad was also a keen collector of other people's throw-outs. 

He worked in the 50s and 60s on Sydney centre buildings, at the time when everything old was being ripped down! Not much foresight there!

He evidently gave a home to many interesting items, just thrown out when companies moved on to make way for a new high-rise building.

This 1912 poster, of a Cronulla Estate is one of his posters in better condition.

To store paper like this for 50 years takes a lot of skill.  The hungry insects will usually find a way to make it food.  There are about 15 of these posters many of the North Coast, Hunter and one of Woollahra.

They are very beautiful.

In a future post, I will write about the scrips that he had stored away.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Movie Posters - Just Relocated in our Move

I have about 20 of these movie poster prints. Pity, they aren't the real thing. That being said I have had them tucked away for about 20 years.

They are so bright and cheerful.

They also remind me of Saturday afternoons watching early runs of black and white, B Grade movies in the 60s.

I think I should look into pricing a framing of several in a very long picture for a hall way.


Made in Japan is another label I seek out (2)

Made in Japan.

As I have already said, this is a label that I treasure as a close second to Made in Australia.

This pic, is a little taster of my crockery, vase, trinket box, book, fan, wooden doll collections.

I have an interesting collection of iris flower crockery.

The little book is a recent purchase about Japanese fans. 

Linen Kitchen Ware: Tablecloths of Old.

My Australiana collection!

Is this nifty or what?

Not everyone's taste but, this nice unhemmed tablecloth, is a real gem of a bygone era.

Not even my state and I like it ...

Glass Bowls: A Multicolour Delight!

We found this lovely at  ... yes, a garage sale!

In fact, my husband actually told me about it.

Now, that was a unique experience, since he usually leads me out if there are treasures I might find.

Any way, I will add this to my considerable collection of this type and shape of bowl.

I have blue, pink, yellow, apricot, clear and green.

They are beautiful bowls. You can never have too many, I say.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Best Intentions: Shoot after I Shop (4)

This weekend, we looked at three garage sales and yes, we found some "flash trash", as always ...

My husband captured a TOTAL oil bottle for 75c.

I found some 60's sewing books - Simplicity and McCalls.  Some lovely styles for me to admire.

I found a very nice green glass bowl for my friend and a cute little dish (English) and lemon meringue pie (USA) plate that I could not resist.

Pictures to follow.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Made in Australia - Cushions and Plates

OK, I know, this Australiana stuff is not everyone's "cup of tea".

That is good, I say. All the more for me!

My friend bought me these three plates.  I love them for their shape and uniqueness.  They are branded DECOR Australia.

The cushions covers were $2 each in one of my favourite shops.  They are velvety and look nifty on one of our 80s lounges.

Black and White - Make an Impression

Whenever, I see black or white pottery at a reasonable price, I snap it up.

I must say, that these finds are few and far between now, as more people take an interest.

Gone are the days, where I might find a Diana Ware item for a few dollars ...

These are just a few items from my collection.

Many of the vases I have, are quite large.

I love Noritake Crockery.

Over the years, I have acquired many crockery sets, serving and display plates, with a Made in Japan label.

My favourite brand is Noritake, a brand that continues to produce quality crockery. 

I have  a plan to hang all my plates like this, together on one wall.  They are mostly flowers, animals and some scenes.

It will make  a beautiful display one day.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Earrings - Clip-Ons Galore (2)

Another box of clip-ons. 

I do love all my silver and gold ones.  Would be great if they were real.

I have found some fabulous buys over the years in both sterling silver, gold, marcasite, crystal and so on.

I believe you can never have too many earrings.

Earrings - Clip-Ons Galore (1)

This is one of my jewel boxes full of clip-on earrings.

I never felt the need to have my ears pierced.  Could not get beyond the thoughts of pain and discomfort.

Used to be very easy to find these earrings at markets and garage sales for 20 cents.  Not so now.

Anyway, I have many earrings to match all kinds of outfits.

I did file away all my screw-on earrings they do hurt too much.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

More a Boys' Hobby - 50s to 60s Radios

My husband is also a collector. 

Tools, hats, radios, belts and so on. 

He has about 14 nifty radios.

50s Pottery Magazine Adverts - Love 50s Pics!

Here are two pages I snapped today.  These magazines are pretty interesting.  I was very interested in the in-depth pieces on various crockery and glass types.

Dressing Table Glass (1)

I love this small collection of amber glass for the dressing-table. 

Perfume bottles with stoppers are so cool!  The little tortoise-shell container is also very cute.

Now it is much harder to find.

Dressing Table Glass (2) & Other Treasures

This picture is not of the best composition. It shows some of the glassware, small tables and crockery, I have on display in one room of our home.

I always collect dressing-table glass when I see it for a reasonable price.

I love black items and I have quite a few perfume atomisers in black.

They are very chic!

Vintage Pottery Magazines - Fabulous in Black White

I discovered these gems in a box of pottery-making books that my husband bought years ago.

They are dated 1952, 1954 and 1956.  It was great looking at all the crockery and glass in its orignal form and era of production.

Some of the black and white photos are worth reproducing, since they are so unique.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MyClothing - A Peek into a Wardrobe (2)

I am very lucky to have a lot of room to store my flash-trash.

I don't buy furs any more, unless they are unique and no more than $5. I have about ten.  I try to wear them in winter.

The green item on the shelf is an ancient 50s swimming costume.

There are some of my handbags and various coats.

I like the green and blue French one.

 I even found a spot here for some of my swan lustre-ware pottery and an ancient Johnson's baby powder.

Best Intentions: Shoot after I Shop (3)

This stuff, I found at our usual trawl of favourite op-shop.

Some nice "nana' Italian shoes.

I can't wait to wear the nifty 70s shirt at the front, great colours!

A couple of belted, shirtmaker dresses and a pair of flimsy, fine pleated harem-style pants, good for that dress-up party.

The old "New Idea" magazine to add to my collection.

Finally, a pile of old style tea towels with their NILE labels still attached. Love them!

Best Intentions: Shoot after I Shop (2)

Today's finds at one garage sale ...

This snap, not as clear as I would like is of a set of six white patterned tallish glasses.

Some interesting tall, amber-coloured glasses.

Two VOK tall glasses with gold writing about the products.

A small and cute Italian vase.

A girly ornament, interesting in the right spot. 

Still hoping our children and grandchildren will like some of these treasures in the future.

Australian-Made (1): A Theme that Unites my Collections

I have many things clothing, household and so on, that are Made in Australia.

This is a phrase that is unfortunately nearly extinct.

Especially over the last ten years, I have taken a particular interest in accumulating clothing that has been Made in Australia.  Many of the items I have from the 50s-60s, have labels that are intricate and attractive.

I plan to photograph these and use them to print fabric. With any copyright, in mind of course ...

Many more pictures to follow.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

MyClothing - Frocks from Two Decades (1)

This series is likely to be very long.

So, I have decided that I will have to think up some labels to identify clothes of different decades, eras, styles .. whatever reflects their unique features.

The dress on the left, I bought at Vinnies, Penrith, yesterday.

I wore it to an Underbelly party to reflect the 80s.

I love the silver detail, the back ruffle/peplum lowers to a point, the sleeves are ruffled, there are small covered buttons down the front and even the shoulder pads are quite fancy!

The plain, black number has a lace bodice and lined flowing mid-calf dress. Alas, size 8.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vintage and Retro Inspiration: More about where to read and shop (2)

 These are my latest finds.  These bloggers are mostly connected with shops.

{twinset} boutique and blog

From this website, I travelled to renee-anne and leeloo

When in Melbourne you can shop at RetroStar vintage clothing

Anyone who loves vintage design will surely go to the many shows.