Saturday, August 28, 2010

Furniture - Cute Little Side Tables

My Nan had a few of these tables. One was a more complete hall-stand with a mirror and hat hooks.

This one that I was given used to be home to our telephone.

Now it is in the foyer of our new home.

The silk protector on the top was brought back by my Uncle during WW2.

On top, the plates are pink and amber glass.

Nifty Kitchen Canisters - Collecting since my Teens (2)

These are the plastic ones I buy, even though I don't use them.  I love the little cook face on the white set at the back.

Those were the days when nutmeg and cloves were important enough to be put in separate little containers on your kitchen bench.

These sets always appear in the same colour combinations.

Ornate Crockery Sets - Pretty but not so Practical (1)

This is a very cute Made in Japan set. The pattern is elaborate and old world.  No so pratical but attractive.

Bowls of all Colours (1)

This is yet another:
"You can never have too many ..." story.

I find it hard to pass up nice retro mixing bowls.

I have parted with many as gifts for my family.

The pyrex patterned and coloured bowls are quite hard to come by now.

I sometimes use them for serving.  This is about half of the collection.

Glassware Galore - Good Price for Waterford Quality

These four glasses, 2 brandy and 2 tumblers, I found at Blacktown Markets. 

They were very dirty and wrapped in paper straight out of someone's kitchen cupboard.

I was so lucky to get them for $2.00 each.  Another shopper was hovering behind me hoping I would put them down.

No such luck!

I saw the etched Waterford label on the base through the grime.