Thursday, November 29, 2012

Retrobiz - Action stations

I am generally a bit of a "gunna" with regard to crafty activities.

I love to admire and even buy the necessary items and then well, I do a lot of thinking, talking, rearranging etc.  Do I make anything, the answer has mostly been a big, fat NO.

I am pleased to say that this time, I have actually taken the concept through to product.

My output, slim though it may be, is as follows. I have:
  • repurposed, six mostly retro tea towels into aprons.
  • sewn three fabric totes - small, medium and large
  • sewn one little girl's lacy apron ... very cute
  • tinkered with three tea shirts to make them into aprons and bags with moderate success
  • cut out three women's aprons and have yet to finish
  • laminated six Home Journal cover prints into placemats
Additionally, I have purchased 200 calico tote bags for  embellishing with fabric and an old, Home Journal cover prints.

I have nearly completed one, this project took a lot of thinking and still needs some tweaking.

[pic to follow]

Monday, November 26, 2012

Starting my RetroBiz - Making a plan

My last post was about printing onto fabric. Well, I am pleased to say, I have successfully ticked that box.

My professional assistant (clever husband) sourced our inkjet printer and various papers for our first efforts. We are also testing Reynolds freezer paper for this process. It will be much cheaper.

I have printed covers of 50's and 60's Home Journal magazines.  I am using these to give a  retrovibe to plain old calico bags.  The plan is:
  • front of bag - magazine print
  • bag of bag - fabric with a old-world look
  • other decorations may include: buttons, lace, beads, ribbon, rick rack as the desire takes me.
I have bought 200 bags, so I have  along way to go!

Getting back to sewing and setting up a sewing corner has been a lot of fun!  I have started to make:
  • aprons out of old tea towels
  • aprons from old tea shirts
  • aprons from scratch with retrofeel
  • tote bags from various fabrics
I have enjoyed rediscovering all my old fabric, thread, lace, buttons.  Going to garage sales and op-shops over many years, has given me a wide range to choose from.

I am still considering buying bulk white or calico aprons, but that plan will have to be fleshed out a little first.

I now have to get an ABN and will begin to explore having a market stall next year.

My daughter and I, have selected a "company name".  It is all very exciting.