Monday, April 11, 2011

Garage Sale & Opp. Shop Action

Lately, we have been visiting garage sales only very infrequently.

Charity stores and opp. shops are still part of a weekly routine.

As it turns out, we have been able to find some gems.  I have not taken any photos of my new treasures.

Best and cheapest buys include:
  • Australiana in the form of Westminster china
  • scarves
  • an English milk jug and some small bowls
  • some Japanese china including two Saji plates

Companion Blogs - Finding a Way Forward

Hard to believe though it may be, after a quite lengthy period of inactivity,  I am considering creating a companion blog. 

I propose to establish a mechanism to hire out some of my treasures.

I have been thinking of this for a while and need to do some planning and research.

Is there a market for this?
What businesses would be in the market?
What pricing framework would I use?
What sort of shop front would be needed?