Saturday, July 31, 2010

Australian-Made (2): A Theme that Unites my Collections

This is a shot of one of my drawer collections.

I can't fit much more into this one.

Space is truly at a premium!

Most of this crockery is Westminster.

There is a little Snugglepot book there too.

The clothes-brush was a real find.

Water Jugs and Glassware Sets

I have lots of water jugs of all shapes, sizes and colours.  Several have matching glasses.

I have posted on my amber ones previously.

These two are particular nice.  I love all things frosted.

These two are displayed with a few plain glass, patterned ones.

I like to use them at the occasional function we have.

Oroton and Glomesh-Is there anything better? (2)

Here are three more of my many bags in black and gold.

I like the ones I have with long metal, over the shoulder straps.

I like to rotate them on the door handles of my display room wardrobe.

These three are in very good condition.

Retro Dress - Blast from the 70s

My sister brought me this great long dress from one of her Prosperpine or Airlie Beach Opp Shops.

It is made from a soft stretchy fabric and has no changes.

So 702, the combination of white, chocolate brown and orange.

I have taken this shot showing one of my furs. A little Cornelius collar shrug.  So easy to wear with any coat.

Is Anything Happening?

Well yeeees! Do I ever stop shopping for treasures?

Today, as usual,  I visited, my two favourite stores in Penrith.  Smith Family Boutique and Anglicare.

Well, I found a couple of nifty scarves - French and Italian made and a nice black top with sequin tie.

Not retro.

No piccies this week.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Best Intentions: Shoot after I Shop (9)

From this last week of fab. purchases,  a dress and more stockings.

This dress is jersey, 70s, front pleats.

Will wear it this week, a $4.00 bargain.

Mocha coffee, ribbed brown and bright blue stockings.

One can never have enough stockings, methinks.

Best Intentions: Shoot after I Shop (8)

Wow, my Pambula trip was successful!

Three items here.

The set of coasters is an original with label, Australia made at $2.00.

This little girl, prayer ornament is Made in Japan with brand imprinted not a sticker and ...

the clear glass bowl adds to my collection of pastel colour plates in the same style.

Best Intentions: Shoot after I Shop (7)

Also at Pambula/Merimbula I found these lovely Jenny Key pillow cases.

I always snap up items by Aussie icons when I find them.

So bright, I should put them on a wall ...

Best Intentions: Shoot after I Shop (6)

Continuing on from number 5 in this series and more from my trip to Pambula.

These two pairs of shoes are laying on a nifty type of hound's tooth patterned skirt, in a lovely fine wool.

The pair on the left are black, patent leather, stiletto, metal heel tip, Jane Debsters with an interesting bow on the back of the heel.

Those on the left are MAB, Italian made, suede with a medium high heel.

I have plans to wear these soon.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Best Intentions: Shoot after I Shop (5)

This week I visited my mum in Pambula on the far South Coast. 

We always take the time to check out the local opportunity [I love that word] shop, Vinnies and Salvos. It is very rare that I would come home without any new treasures.

There are five new items here.

The belt at the front is a rare find for $1.00.

The label says "Pellini"and it is leather, of course. The eyes and nose are sequinned.

It has a little stud to link it up for a person much slimmer than I, unfortunately.
It is just gorgeous!

The gloves are also very unique with the label "Linalon" still attached and the price tag ten shillings from Buckleys, Melbourne.

Then, there are three scarves. I am such a sucker for scarves.  Although, I must say I have started giving them to friends.
The one on the left in green and brown, is Made in Japan. It is square and with a swirly design. 
The checked one is Oroton and long.
The bottom one, you can just see the spotted cheetah, is quite large.  It is another fab find, white, black, brown and olive. 

Can't wait to wear them all!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Accessories - you can never have too many scarves ...

I have a lot of scarves.  These are my "pashmina" collection.

Purple is one of my favourite colours.

The white one is more a 50s-60s shawl.

They are draped over a 70s bucket chair. 

I have quite a lot of woollen and silk scarves.
I also have some men's fringed scarves and interesting cravates.  On the right, you can see another one of my Japanese scarves.

The belt is silver lurex and the handbag is my latest in raffia.

Trinket boxes of all kinds

These boxes are a tiny part of my trinket box collection.

I can't resist buying boxes.  Three of these are jewel boxes.

The piano, top right was my parents.  It is quite delicate.

The box front right says, handkerchiefs.  I had to touch up the gold lettering.

Back left, is an Italian heavy ceramic box, not really my style but well made.

Front left is a very nice Japanese trinket  bowl.  I love the simplicity of this one in green and gold.

Glassware in all colours-yellow is nice [4]

This posts continues a glassware theme.

I don't have a lot of yellow, but these pieces are quite stunning. They are Italian glass and the curved design is very interesting.

I bought these two many years apart.  They were a great find.

I have  a pale green-blue one also.
In the background, there are two black and yellow heavy glass ashtrays.

Headware-brave enough to wear it?

I do love buying old hats.

I am ready to do  bit a organising with my hats.  Some of them will have to be put away.

I wear some of these hats to special functions.

I also have a few pill-box and other felt hats that I wear in winter.

My husband has a big hat collection too.

Retro tables and Pouffes

I love these cute little nests of tables. Especially, this set with the fake marble effect.

I have one other set in darker, laminate timber.

The white, glass cake-stand is also a nice piece. I have a few cake-stands in this room on display.

I like the old style irons as door stops.

For a while in the 80s-90s, I bought every retro pouffe I saw.  Now they are too rare and then too pricey.

Luggage, beauty cases and more

I have pictured some of my luggage, suitcases, bags and purses previously.

This shot shows some of the smaller luggage I use for storage.  These ones have various old cosmetics in them.

You can see a purple, chenille bedspread we found at a garage sale.

A nice piece of Japanese fabric, it is actually a scarf.
I always snap up Japanese fabric when I see it.

Finally, a three level lacquer-ware storage box. I do like lacquer-ware and have lots of different items.

Clothes Crush [2]

This is my second post on clothes in a cupboard.

This is a double wardrobe packed full of retro and regular clothing.

One day, I'll do better job of sorting and colour-coding.

It is great having so much extra room to store my treasures.

Our walk-in wardrobe has all the things I am wearing in season.

The other hanging space I share [almost] with my husband. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ornaments - Animal Focus (2)

These a just a small part of my animal ornament collection. [with a few ring-ins]

Again, nothing more than kitsch here. But, they are small and cute.

I have a few animal vases that hang on the wall. 

These little ornaments are in a  glass cabinet that backs onto the kitchen sink. So, it is quite nice to look at the small treasures from the dining room table.

Ornaments - Old World Charm on the Cheap.

Nothing very valuable, but they make an interesting display.

This style of ornament is really just "junk". Everyone had them in the 60s.  Some of these are Made in Japan.

I do like the pastel colour combinations.  The funny lacy effect on the dress of the one at the front is also interesting.

I hope my grandchildren will like them in the future.

Tiny Vases in Multi-Colours

These tiny vases are not so easy to come by now.

You can see my blue ones in the previous post.

I don't usually collect this style of vase, but the teeny ones fit neatly into small spaces.

I have given away quite a few of these too.

Bottles in Blue and Green

Blue bottles are a favourite.

A colleague from work has kindly given me a couple of bottles over the last weeks.  The three green ones at the back and the larger blue one in the centre are prized additions to my collection.

The blue of these bottles is so spectacularly rich.

I also look out for these teeny little vases.  I have about ten now, in green purple, amber and blue.

Glassware Galore - Colour the Key (3)

Red is a favourite colour for glassware. 

These are cute little liqueur glasses with a gold base.
The small tumblers have a gold rim.

I have recently put my 30 bottles of collected liqueurs into storage. Many unopened.

Nevertheless, I can never resist sets of coloured liqueur glasses when I see them.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Powder Compacts - It's all Cosmetic (2)

I do love my compact and makeup collection.

Here are some of my goodies displayed on a mirrored tray.

One of my earlier posts showed these treasures.

They deserve a reprise.

Steamship Trunk: Nifty Drawers and Hanging Space-Old World Charm

This trunk stands about 1m high.  It has 4 drawers and hanging space.

It is dark blue. Here you can see
  • some old coat-hangers.
  • an old toy
  • a 60s hat
  • a manicure set
  • a nice cake stand and of course some pearls ...

Aboriginal Themed Pottery

Best Intentions: Shoot after I Shop (5)

Last Saturday, we did not find a great deal.  These finds came from our favourite Vinnies. Each item $1.00.

I have about five glass vases like this but not this blue one.

The little crockery vase has a cute "strawberry shortcake" look-a-like and is Japan made.

The jewel box is quite delicate and made by Mikasa.

The stockings are nifty because of the box.