Saturday, July 17, 2010

Best Intentions: Shoot after I Shop (5)

This week I visited my mum in Pambula on the far South Coast. 

We always take the time to check out the local opportunity [I love that word] shop, Vinnies and Salvos. It is very rare that I would come home without any new treasures.

There are five new items here.

The belt at the front is a rare find for $1.00.

The label says "Pellini"and it is leather, of course. The eyes and nose are sequinned.

It has a little stud to link it up for a person much slimmer than I, unfortunately.
It is just gorgeous!

The gloves are also very unique with the label "Linalon" still attached and the price tag ten shillings from Buckleys, Melbourne.

Then, there are three scarves. I am such a sucker for scarves.  Although, I must say I have started giving them to friends.
The one on the left in green and brown, is Made in Japan. It is square and with a swirly design. 
The checked one is Oroton and long.
The bottom one, you can just see the spotted cheetah, is quite large.  It is another fab find, white, black, brown and olive. 

Can't wait to wear them all!

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