Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baskets and Suitcases - Nifty for Storage

I am attracted to old leather or heavy cardboard luggage. It used to be easy to come across large leather bags and suitcases with wooden struts at markets. Not so now.

We used to use a nice one with wooden struts as a coffee table. I now have 60s clothing in it.

I like to store all the smaller suitcases inside the others. In the past, I used to carry my things to school in a mid-size one of these.  They can be quite heavy.

I have a couple of old style school bags as well, no Globite, mine is Duro. Nice to store my stockings in.

These cane and wicker baskets are older style washing baskets. I also have a butcher's basket that is much heavier than these.

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