Sunday, October 9, 2011

Flash Trash Treasures are always there!

During my holidays, I usually check all my favourite haunts.

That would be about ten different shops in our area.  Some I visit twice, just in case.

This is a shot of the only four crockery items I bought. The rest of my purchases were clothing.

Here we have:
  • a very cute, little blue glass jug. I have a lot of small jugs, that I hope my family will like, one day???
  • a 70s ash tray or serving plate, maybe ...
  • a Holly Hobbie, jewellery box. I have been collecting this for my daughter who had these things in her childhood. She is putting together a collection for her little girl.
  • a friends plate, John Sands, Made in Japan.  I always pick up these plates if they are $2.00 or less.

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