Friday, April 30, 2010

Nifty Kitchen Canisters - Collecting since my Teens

This was the very first set of canisters I ever bought.

They cost me 10 cents at a fete at Wiley Park, in the 60s.

I saw the same set at an antique store last year for over $200. 

In this picture, you can also see one of my retro salt and pepper shakers.  These sorts of things can occasionally still be picked up at garage sales.

I also included a 50/60s can for coffee. I love the little drawings that used to be on this type of thing.

This tin, is sitting on a couple of old books I bought recently.  I have a lot of hardcover books from the 50s onwards. Cookbooks and children's books are my favourites.

Maybe, I'll make handbags out of some of them one day!

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