Thursday, October 18, 2012

Printing onto Fabric -- Made in Australia

I have been thinking about this project for a while.  It is linked in reality to other ideas that I have about creating retro-themed products from scratch or "repurposed". 

I have a lot of retro-stuff and plan in the coming weeks to set up images using clothing, crockery and other household items, that I can print onto fabric.

These prints, I plan to use for bags, cushions, aprons, whatever I can think of.

I have an inkjet printer. I need to buy the product for fabric printing, it's quite pricey.

My first themes will focus on "Made in Australia".

I may recycle some images I already have if they meet this condition.

I wonder how many Aussies out there have discoverd that they have few products in their home with that label.

I challenge all to look.

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